College of Fashion & Textiles

The College of Textiles and Fashion is comprised of the Department of Textiles and Clothing, which offers BA, MA and in-service MA programs; the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies; and the MA Program in Brand and Fashion Management. Programs are international, professional, innovative, and designed to develop specialists for the textile and garment industries as well as fashion curators in the greater China area. We’re committed to enhancing our global position and making it a leader of fashion education in Taiwan.


Textiles & Clothing

Our program is committed to sustainable fashion and holistic education; a commitment

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Our vision
Our vision

Be a leader of fashion education in sustainability, innovation, and quality of life.

Our mission
Our mission

To train students with global perspective, humanity, social engagement, as well as professional knowledge and skills under the school value of truth, goodness, beauty & holiness.

Our goals
Our goals

1) To recruit international students and develop dual and triple degree programs with international partners in order to develop specialists for the textile and garment industries as well as fashion curators in the greater China area. 2) To become a global leader in fashion education. 3) To cultivate the ability of aesthetic, innovation, analysis, integration, and mobility in fashion, design, branding & innovative talents through the planned actions of globalization, profession & innovation.


College of FASHION & TEXTILES, Fu-Jen University, Cultivate Talents for Global Fashion Industry, and the Leader of Fashion Education

織品服裝學院 全國首創

Taiwan First College of Fashion and Textiles

Sustainable Fashion makes life better

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One and Only, MA Program in Brand and Fashion Management

Are you interested in studying Asia-Pacific fashion industry?

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輔大織品 深耕織品服裝教育

Textiles and Clothing Efforts to Fashion Education Nearly 50 Years

Department of Textiles and Clothing, FU-Jen Catholic University since…

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The Fashion Marketing section consists of three categories: Brand and…

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The Textile Design section is divided into the following four categori…

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The Fashion and Accessories Design Section consists of two categories:…

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Competition | Congratulation ! FJU TC Student Hsieh, Yi-Ting won the First Prize of the 2020 Taiwan Fashion Design Award

Taiwan Fashion Design Award (TFDA), the major annual event in Asia’s fashion industry, has been successfully initiated

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Fulbright Taiwan X FJCU BFM Partnership Agreement

The BFM Program signs a partnership agreement with Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) ,to provide gran

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London Fashion Scout|FJU Talents 2020 DIGITAL SHOWCASE

FJU Talents 2020 DIGITAL SHOWCASE SATURDAY 19th SEP. / 14:30 BST (London Time) 21:30 TST (Taipei Time) Broadcast on fash

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Fulbright Programs -AWARDS TO TAIWAN| Fu Jen Catholic University Awards in Brand and Fashion Management

Deadline to October 13, 2020 more to see Fulbright Taiwan Website :

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