The Graduate Institute of Museum Studies

Ours is the only such program offered by a comprehensive university in Taiwan and the only one to offer NT$150,000 in scholarships for overseas internships. Offer NT$150,000 in scholarships for overseas internships. We’re committed to training professionals who can apply their skills in the real world. That is our curriculum places equal value on theoretical and practical skills while nurturing professional talent to serve in museums and cultural industries in Taiwan, in the Asia Pacific, and all over the globe.

Our program places particular value on integrating theory and practice as well as on interdisciplinary education. Students have many places right on campus to perform internships: the Chinese Textile and Clothing Cultural Center, FJCU History Office, Museum of Medical Humanities, Center for the Arts, and National Treasure Collection. The Ministry of Culture awards funding to our program every year, which is invested in training students, collaborating with industry, and attracting high-level professionals from Taiwan and abroad to give guest lectures. We have a robust team of faculty with many different specializations. Students have access to an elegant, exclusive learning space. We welcome anyone with the drive and ambition to expand their global horizons and become first-rate researchers and practitioners in the field of museum studies.