Exhibition | Herb-Inspired Transformations : Experimental Hand Weaving Project
Venue :Museum of Fiber Arts, Taichung
Website : http://mofia.gov.tw/

Tutor : Li-Ju Tsai (蔡禮如), Associate Professor
Designers:Chao Shao-Jung(卓劭容)、Chen Ying-Ru(陳盈儒)、Kao Yuan-Ting(高元廷)、SUN TIEN-CHING (孫天青)、Chang Husan-Chen(張烜禎)、Chen Meng-Hsuan(陳孟萱)、Chen Yi-An(陳怡安)、Yang Tzu-Ying(楊子瑩)、Liang Yu-Wei(梁育瑋)、Liang Jia-Jen(梁家榛)、Lu Pei-Rong(盧姵蓉)、Chang Po-Ting(張博婷)
Associate Professor Tsai Li-Ju, fabric design section of the Textiles & Clothing Department of Fu Jen University, leaded 12 students to participate in the invitation exhibition of Taichung Museum of Fiber Arts, with fabric weaving process. Taichung City Museum of Fiber Arts was formerly known as Taichung Children’s Art It was the first professional Fiber Arts museum in Taichung City. The theme of the museum, the museum’s “fiber, fashion, green craft” as the development Goal, combined with environmental technology, fashion design, agricultural planting, landscape recreation, etc., provide food, clothing, housing, travel, education, music and other comprehensive A new cultural venue for cultural industries and public services.