Visitors | Ph.D. Monika Zabel, Founder and CEO of crossxculture consulting
  • Date: 2018/12/14
  • Lecture:  East and West (in Fashion) from Binaries to a Creative Dialogue
  • Visit: Chinese Textiles and  Clothing Culture Center

Monika Zabel is the founder and owner of crossxculture consulting. She has more than 20 years of international working experience as a management consultant and policy advisor in over 50 countries, for both, corporates and public clients. Her main practice areas are intercultural management and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). More recently sustainable fashion is becoming another focal practice. She has performed senior positions, as the manager, team leader and coordinator of large evaluation teams and substantial contracts.
In her practice she is exposed to themes as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, environmental and health assessments. Some larger mandates focused on the textile industry and the conditions of sourcing in emerging and developing countries, for example Lesotho – Mid-term Evaluation of „Better Work“ a joint programme of international Labour Organization (ILO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the garment industry; Turkey – Evaluation of Harnessing Sustainable Linkages for SMEs in Turkey`s Textile Industry, financed by the Millennium Development Fund (MDG-F), New York; Brazil – Evaluation of the Institutional arrangements and transition from informal to formal sector in the textile sector, client: German Ministry for Economic Cooperation.
She is Graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York, from the recently introduced Sustainable Design Entrepeneurs Programme with focus on fashion design. She is conducting workshops in designing and reconstruction fashion based on second source materials in the US, France and Germany. In 2015 she has concluded a self test „99 days of beautiful fashion outfits composed of abandoned sources“ to make a statement for a more conscious and sustainable use of resources in the fashion industry.